a collection of my visual notes

The orchestra of life plays one big jazz number. As band members, we improvise to the rhythm of our surroundings; we compose a beautiful song called life.   When creating harmonies it is important to follow some rules, and to keep interacting with our fellow musicians. I call these rules proper limitations. While they are rules in one sense, it is these proper limitations that give us a safe context in which to be creative. And through this creativity we can experience real freedom.    Outside of the band, the same is true for our bodies. By respecting the limitations of our body, we can use it to its full potential.   Creativity / freedom is not the absence of rules and limitations. It’s about respecting the proper ones so we can maximise our collective achievements.

the bi-cycle of movement. an interaction between taking action and being inspired. both are strengthen each other

defining the right problem is half of the solution

enlightment can be found on the bridge between contrasts

creativity can be used to contemplate either what you want or won’t

learn from yesterday, jump today, to grab the opportunities of tomorrow!

do you react to circumstances or create new circumstances?

your words can be used to describe the situation or change it

clearly perceiving is difficult when submerged in our own thoughts

we see what we expect to see, and we expect what we have seen before:  expect > explode > explore

if you choose to control, you will rewarded with predictability.  the question is whether predictability releases full potential

not every problem needs solving..

you can focus on problems in order to solve them or see it as a trigger for new opportunities

do you stop looking if you have found the ‘answer’?

we are all connected to serve each other

everything is connected to everything

cost and value

today’s decisions determines the happiness of tomorrow

psychological distance of your problems will help you solve it thoroughly with more overview

perception stops if we found the ‘answer’

comfort and results

reframe the context and make problems disappear

productivity is a healthy balance between effectivity and efficiency. everything has its own rhythm and can’t be forced (unless you want to compromise on taste)

if you know how to worry you know how to meditate

your answers are an echo of your questions


new step new focus

frictions often reveals your purpose in life

how do you deal with differences?

thinking into the RIGHT box to make things happen..  thinking outside the box (what box??) is not enough. put things in another context. the same situation can get a whole new meaning in a different setting. if you play with that you can come up with totally new ideas..

‘eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day’ – Mark Twain.   your frog won’t change in a prince(ss). so stop to flirt with it. start the day by eating your frog. it put all the other tasks in perspective.. it’s the way to getting things done!

quick fix vs. thought-out plan

open your mind and perceive without judgement. it’s your everyday brainstorm to get inspired. for free!

every adversity carries within it the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit of succes – Napoleon Hill

the difficulty of change and investment is that it takes effort while you rarely see instant result. but I can promise: you reap what you sow. even more than that. for a good return on investment the seeds need some seasons to get deeper root so it is able to carry weighty fruits.   so what are your investments?  and on what account?

the more I ‘know’ the less I see

merry process –> a happy new idea!

living out of abundance

A RIDDLE TO MAKE IT LESS ABSTRACT:  which side of a duck has the most feathers?

… the outside

share your ideas and let them grow

think with your heart, act with your mind

simplicity lies behind complexity

what is your productivity-leakage?

what is your definition of succes?

what you attract could be a good reflection of your attitude

shift your paradigm and unlock the door of opportunities

what are you looking for? (What we need is already here. That’s why we need reminding)

encourage one another and build each other up

connect with your purpose (and light up!)

what is vs. what can be (unlock possibilities by using your imagination)

a concretized mission statement (vision + mission + values) puts you in motion

excuses can take opportunities out of sight

create by doing

between input and logic there may arise some distortion

find the right direction by doing

innovating: keep thinking beyond the ‘right’ answer

the importance of a good start to create momentum

new structures leads to new connections

change your questions, change your insights

you have to jump to use your wings

change of meaning helps solve problems

by treating thinking as problem-solving, we focus our attention on problems and deficiencies. What is not a ‘problem’ does not always get our thinking attention

don’t focus on speed. focus on the right direction

information becomes knowledge if you know what to capture and how to apply it

by focussing on what could be helps to be more proactive. It helps to simplify things and to get an idea of a better future. A different starting point to innovate

different motivations for making choices

do you manage your incoming stream of information?

avoiding driven vs creation driven

small changes in the present can make a big impact over time

pendulum’s motion of development

connecting the differences leads to a lot of creativity!

from the inside out..

you get what you focus on

what are your questions?

passion sets everything in motion..

can you find and keep balance?

the quality of the solutions depends on the way we approach the problem

our focus predicts our actions

thinking out of WHAT box?!

action = reaction

what direction are you moving?

breaking down your goals into small pieces gives you something concrete to focus on

to develop your ideas you should first write them down

thank you for the pleasant cooperation during 2015! I wish you all a good holiday season!

less is more

the power of daydreaming (and the need of realism)

do you dare to follow your intuition?

stay on the move by swinging back and forth

firstly action then reaction

no inspiration? take action!

take advantage of differences to come up with creative solutions

our expectations influence our perception

focus on your strength

take your step with decisiveness

what’s the REAL problem?

can you switch (smoothly) between the different phases of the creation process?

which conditions help to increase your creativity?

increase effectiveness and decrease over-thinking by narrowing your timeline

water the flowers, not the weeds

the cycle of creativity

the innovator’s dilemma

generate opportunities by reforming the shape

manage the endless stream of information

what values motivate your decisions?

filter your input for a better output

if you want to score you need to set goals

want to become more creative? share your ideas / experience / problems to come up with new things

what weighs your business down?

hit the spot by the right tension between creativity and a deadline

from a bird’s eye view

amaze instead of matching the expectations

the power of small steps

speed vs. the right way

from A to B to discover C